Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I've Been Working on...

This is a baby quilt for a young woman in our church.  She's had a rough go of it and just graduated high school.  Her baby is due Friday, but she's still planning to go to college in a few weeks.  I don't know if she's crazy or idealistic.  She's very lucky to have the support of her family and new husband. 

Anyway, I've had these squares for a couple years and I thought a nice 9-patch with sashing would be cute.  I have to say that I'm pleased so far.  I had hoped to have this quilted yesterday, but I processed a bunch of veggies we'd harvested during the day and didn't get to the store for batting until about 5pm.  Monday night is also date night, so no sewing time after end of business.  Today is another story, though.  I'm done with veggie processing (all the romas, melons, and corn yesterday) until Saturday.  I have a nice yellow with white polka dots fabric that I'm using for the backing and binding.  I have another project I'm working on as well.  Pictures to follow tomorrow. 

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