Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's That Time of Year!

This weekend I got the tubs of Christmas fabric out to assess where I am, what fabrics I have, prep the last few fat quarters (wash, trim, iron and fold), and start planning some of my Christmas projects.

I have plans for these, although, probably not together.

This next set may or may not get made into a stocking.  It's a difficult individual and I'm not positive they would like/want the red.  They didn't want anything "whimsical" and I think they might consider the floral on the red a type of whimsy.

I like this set, but think this recipient might deserve a bit more funk.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Request for advice...

I have a bit of a dilemma for which I could really use your advice.  But first, let me provide some background information.

I challenged my siblings to a homemade Christmas this year.  Each of us has some pretty awesome talents and this would be an easy way for us to continue to play with our hobbies while providing quality gifts to all.  For years we've drawn names (with 6 siblings and now three of us are married... that's a lot of people to have to buy for), but none of us is rolling in the dough, shall we say.  Which, even though we draw names, has become more of a hardship than a pleasantry.  The difficult part is that some of us are perfectly content spending money on manufactured items.  The other aspect that I haven't been able to understand is why we don't do it by family.  Why not do away with the name drawing altogether?  But that's not the dilemma...

Anyway, I have decided that no matter what the others do, Mr. BB and I are making our gifts.  The problem comes when I consider my sister-in-law (SIL).  This young lady and soon-to-be-mother is not exactly appreciative of handcrafted gifts.  My brother (we'll call him... B1 for first brother) has asked for items for the baby who will be born at the end of October.  However, SIL has not indicated that as her desire and has already had two (yes, I said two) baby showers.  I made a lovely sweater set and blanket for the first baby shower (and one of my sisters made a blanket as well).  

Last Christmas, I had made my youngest sister, her family, and my parents quilted Christmas stockings.  Naturally, it took a lot of time and thought.  My other siblings were instantly envious and gave their orders to me immediately.  B1 and SIL were married the previous summer and when I asked if they'd like personalized stockings as well, the offer was declined.  "But if you'd like to make a set to keep at your parents for when we celebrate there, go ahead."  No thank you, that's not how this works.  

Given the unappreciative nature of said future-parent, I'm hesitant to even make this poor child the  first Christmas gift of a quilted Christmas stocking!  I am truly afraid that it would either be destroyed before the child could grow up or that it would be "lost."  I'm considering asking my parents to keep it at their place until the child is an adult and can make up it's own mind.  (That's dilemma number one - What should I do about that?)

Furthermore, I have been given her name in the Christmas drawing.  I go round and round with what I should do.  Should I go ahead and make her something that I know she won't like - or at the very least appreciate?  Should I collect some local products to promote my new state (as you know we moved and now live several states from B1 and SIL)?  Should I just say "to hell with it" and buy her a gift card that she can use anywhere?  Is there another option?

*Sigh* Please help.  What would you do?

PS (added Sept. 22, 2010): It's been noted that this post feels angry.  I'm stuck, not angry.  I don't want to treat her differently, but she's been difficult for me to become acquainted.  To be honest, I'm leaning towards a gift card that way my feelings won't be hurt regardless.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Business...

This weekend, I was (finally) able to spend some time in my quilting room.  As you can see, there are still quite a few boxes everywhere, but I am making progress.  Mr. BB has some jeans that he has either worn through or *ahem* outgrown.  His mom made a quilt our of denim a very long time ago and I think I'm going to do the same.  Mr. BB gave me a pair of his jeans to add to my collection yesterday, so I made quick work of them.

This is all that couldn't be used for the squared.  Not bad, eh?  Talk about recycled materials!  These scraps will be used in repairs and/or as rags in the wood-working shop.

 I spent several nights this week ironing a bunch of washed fat quarters.  I don't have any concrete plans for these, but they certainly put me in the mood to make some Christmas projects!!