Sunday, April 17, 2011


I can't really discuss my current projects because they are gifts, but I CAN tell you about the shopping I did a couple weeks ago.  I had gone to the local quilt shop after my haircut. (No hubby meant I could actually spend some time looking!)  

I initially was looking for a pattern for my Christmas project - last year everyone got stockings or a wall quilt.  This year, I have something else in mind that I saw on another blog and thought it was a great idea!

Anyway, that's why I went there.  But, despite being listed on the designer's website as a vendor, I didn't find that pattern... I found plenty of others.

As you can see I bought a couple of zippered bag patterns and a purse pattern.  I must really like the purse pattern because when I got home I found I already had it in my box.  Oh well.  The other thing in this picture is the "let's twist" pattern book and tool.  They were having a demonstration of this tool and I loved it so much I couldn't resist purchasing it.  I have just the fabric collection that I'm going to use for it.  My plan is to use it for a summer wall quilt.  I can't wait to get through my current projects so I can work on this. (I find myself excited about what I'm working on, but always looking forward to the next project as well - it's a weird paradox.)

I promised a friend of mine that I would make her some pot holders as part of that Facebook challenge I mentioned at the beginning of the year.  She likes orange, so while I was looking at the fat quarters I came across some nice batiks.  There was a nice blue fabric which was part of a Christmas line, but I only found that one fabric.  Then I grabbed a St. Patrick's Day fabric to add to my growing collection.  Finally, some fabrics for the Christmas project I'm planning (I found the pattern online). 

The fabric that really grabbed my attention was, of course, the hockey fabrics.  Hockey is kind of a rare find.  I've been collecting what bits and pieces I can find whenever I come across it - and I hit paydirt here.  I now have a plan for it too!

I'm quite happy with my purchases and looking forward to working on these additional projects!