Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Sewing Room!!

As promised, here are pictures of the new sewing room.  I finished putting the last box (of batting) away this morning while I waited for Dr. J to be ready to have me help shave his head.  As I put the last of the loose stuff away, it occurred to me that I really need to paint the room.  I don't have a lot of pictures (etc) to hang on the walls or a rug for the floor now that I have a room all to my own either.  I think the obvious solution is to make a couple wall quilts to decorate. 

The sewing desk was originally set in front of the windows, but I realized I wouldn't have an outlet if I kept things that way.  So, it got moved.  I think it helps make the room seem bigger.

You can kind of see the racks on the wall in the closet.  Next weekend we're going to put three shelves in there to add more space and organization. Those pink tubs in the closet are all yarn.  I was able to sort my craft books into general crafts and sewing patterns on the first shelf, Quilting books on the second, and crochet and cross-stitch books on the last shelf. Yes, that really is a box of Yankee candles on the pattern table.  I buy a couple when they are on major sale for each season (fall, winter, summer) and rotate them out accordingly throughout the house.

So, I'd be very interested in what you all suggest for wall colors.  Leave a comment with your choice keeping in mind that the office/spare bedroom is a bright yellow, our bedroom is a spa blue, the bathroom a mocha tan, and the hallway ostrich feather (lighter grey brown).

I'm also thinking about changing out the table in front of the windows for one that is more square - not sure about it yet though.

What do you think?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh. My. Word.

I had an early lunch with a girlfriend this morning in the same shopping area as the quilting store.  So, I thought I'd stop in and browse before heading home.  I knew it would empty my wallet, but I went anyway. ;)

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself in another room full of fabric!  It only took me a second to realize that over the course of the last couple of months of absentee-ism the store had expanded and nearly doubled their space!  They had a bus tour when I arrived and with the crowd it wasn't obvious at first, but I'm thrilled with the expanded space!  I enjoyed shopping and picked up a few things.

First, I grabbed this little book.  I LOVE charm packs and I'm always looking for cute projects I can use them in.  I liked this book because not only were the patterns cute, but they were also easy to expand into bigger blankets. 

Then this project.  When my parents visited in May, my mom and I had gone to the store and noticed the purse/wallet clasps, but neither of us picked one up.  But this time, they had a physical example of this pouch and I loved that there were so many pockets and a zippered section for coins.  I initially picked out some green and orange fabric, but saw these and knew they were much more my style.

A closer look at the pattern picture.  It's cute, no?

And the various fat quarters I picked up.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the green dots next to the hockey players is little frogs - very cute.  And the one on the other side of the player is more muted than it appears here.  I loved the chickens and the chicken wire prints!

Finally, a few holiday prints.  I'm more about cute Halloween than realistic or gorey - just not my style.  I'll post pictures of the new sewing room layout tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Place...

Woah.  It's been a while.  Not that I had a lot of readers to begin with, but I hope I didn't lose any being gone so long!  

Since my last post, Dr J and I celebrated our 8th anniversary, bought a house, moved, and I quit my job to begin a PhD program.  We are beginning to get settled in and the sewing room is the last room to be unpacked as usual.  Here are some pictures of how it is right now. 

I'm hoping to have some updates this weekend!