Monday, April 29, 2013


PLEASE HELP!! Does anyone want a pure-bred Samoyed dog under 1y/o for the price of coming to get her? 

Nala - April 14, 2013
Our neighbors need to find a new home for a Samoyed puppy they got last fall.  She's very smart, sweet, energetic, curious, plays well with others (got along with our cats and dog quite well) and just needs someone to pay attention to her and love her. She's spade and has all of her shots.  We just don't have the room right now otherwise we would adopt her. 

Our next door neighbors write: We decided that we needed to find a new home for Nala, our Samoyed puppy. We lead very busy schedules and aren't home as much as she needs and our kids are even busier so they don't play with her much and that's no way for Nala to live. We found a home for her and took her there last night but they have a baby kitten and it wasn't happy to see Nala. She's a great friendly dog. She is AKC papered and She went through the puppy training classes at Petsmart and knows many commands and hand signals. Shes potty trained. She loves long walks and playing. I can't bring her back here and break [our daughter]'s heart all over again. I need your help. Does anyone want a great dog?

Monday, April 22, 2013

What the frack?!

This is April 22nd??

Will spring ever arrive?!

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19th - seriously??

This is the craziest spring I've seen in a long time. I got up yesterday at the normal time for my trip to school, took my shower, packed my bag and made my way to school. It's normally a two and a half hour drive one way and I'd gotten an hour into my drive, but less than a third of the way there.  I drove behind the snow plow for 6-8 miles at 45 mph and was still terrified of going off the road!  I knew then that even though I had an exam that morning, I couldn't continue driving to school.  So, I turned around and contacted my prof to reschedule my exam when I arrived home.  I don't regret not going - it snowed for the remainder of the day and the roads were very slick.  This is what the front and back yards look like this morning:

This is not what April 19th should look like! We certainly aren't far enough North for this to be justified. I wish I had the time to spend it in my sewing room, but at this point in the semester it is perfect for spending under a quilt while researching for final papers! The one good thing about this late winter weather is that neither the hubs nor I are tempted to be outside rather than doing school work!

Monday, April 15, 2013

And so it goes...

Losing my sewing companion has been very difficult. It has been a full week since we found her laying lifeless on the landing and yesterday was the first day that I made it all the way through the day without crying. Bedtime is especially hard since she would always sleep with us until that last night. I also haven't done any sewing - save for her shroud - since she died.  My sewing room is the other place I associate with her.  But life goes on, right?  We still have to get up every day and there are other furry ones who depend on us.  So, I did take the first steps in the next stage of grief this weekend and washed her kitty bed and the sheets I had used to cover my work stations. Clovey was our shedder. Seriously. She had the softest fur ever, but do you remember Schultz's Pigpen - the character who was surrounded by the cloud of dirt wherever he went? Yeah, imagine fur and you had Clovey. :)

Anyway, I have been avoiding acquiring new fabric and other such sewing stuff this year since my teaching contract with an online university has not been renewed, but I broke down a little this month. First, I came across this Steampunk Hufflepuff (Harry Potter films) costume. I LOVE it! I have wanted to make my Halloween costume for years, but between not having a sewing room for a long time and now being in school... well, it just hasn't happened yet. However, I am now planning to make a costume for this year. YEAH! We've have a ton of kids come for candy and I would love to hand it out in costume!  To that end, I found a Victorian era bustle skirt pattern online, but it is for a 28" waist which I do not have so I will have to alter it.  Fortunately, it was only $24.  Just in case I can't find a pattern for the vest, I began looking for other costume options. I have been eyeing some civil war era dresses by Simplicity for a while and was preparing an online order when I thought I should check the Hobby Lobby weekly ad. Lo and behold, they had Simplicity patterns for $.99 EACH!!!!! A limit of 10 per customer, so I picked up a few for me (including undergarments) and a couple for the hubs.  

While I was at Hobby Lobby, I also grabbed a half yard of some upholstery fabric to make some chair arm covers for our recliner which sustained some chewing damage when our dog was still very young last summer.

I was looking for a charm pack to round out what I need for a quilt for one of my sisters and found Blessings charm packs for a reasonable $8 each! Who can resist a deal like that!?  I also purchased some quilt patterns/templates and 10" squares of the gorgeous Fig Tree Quilts' Tapestry.  I just love the colors in that collection!

I had managed to complete some projects before my world crumbled so I will take pictures and post them after my exam on Thursday.

Monday, April 8, 2013

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The Passing of My Sewing Companion

I'm sure that for many, today is a day like any other, but not for us. Sometime between 2:30am and 6am CST our sweet kitty Clovey died. She was 12 years old, but hadn't displayed any signs that she was near her end so we were shocked with her sudden passing.

The tears just keep coming. I can't seem to make them stop. I'm going to miss her SO much! Even the annoying way she would invade my sewing space. I'm at such a loss. I just can't believe she is gone.

Goodbye, Clove-Dove. I hope you rest in peace, my sweet kitty. I loved you so much!