Monday, April 29, 2013


PLEASE HELP!! Does anyone want a pure-bred Samoyed dog under 1y/o for the price of coming to get her? 

Nala - April 14, 2013
Our neighbors need to find a new home for a Samoyed puppy they got last fall.  She's very smart, sweet, energetic, curious, plays well with others (got along with our cats and dog quite well) and just needs someone to pay attention to her and love her. She's spade and has all of her shots.  We just don't have the room right now otherwise we would adopt her. 

Our next door neighbors write: We decided that we needed to find a new home for Nala, our Samoyed puppy. We lead very busy schedules and aren't home as much as she needs and our kids are even busier so they don't play with her much and that's no way for Nala to live. We found a home for her and took her there last night but they have a baby kitten and it wasn't happy to see Nala. She's a great friendly dog. She is AKC papered and She went through the puppy training classes at Petsmart and knows many commands and hand signals. Shes potty trained. She loves long walks and playing. I can't bring her back here and break [our daughter]'s heart all over again. I need your help. Does anyone want a great dog?

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