Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have been remiss and it wasn't long before the pup reprimanded me for not including her on the "Pets on Quilts" post.  I tried to explain that she hasn't been with us long enough (just three months) to be included, but she was having none of it.  So, I am including a couple of photos of Miss Maddie "helping" me in the sewing room.

Here she is patiently waiting outside the sewing room.  She's taken to laying on the sheet that I use to cover my machines and projects when I'm not working on them to keep the kitty hair off.  In the beginning, she stole the cat bed next to the fabric closet.  See below.

She's WAY too big for that nonsense now. :o)  I can't go anywhere without my shadow, but it's sweet when she waits outside the room while I sew.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I'm happy you joined with Miss Maddie! She is so cute and if she helps you with quilting, she should be in the quilt contest! Hugs to Maddie! x Teje

  2. Oh my goooosh!! Whatta little sweetay!