Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Finish

I finished this wall quilt this morning - just in time for the fourth!

Last week, I pulled together reds, whites, and blues from my stash to create this fun holiday quilt.  I have been very neglectful in my decorating and in creating fun holiday-themed items, but have made a minor resolution to correct that.  So this is the first of two items for the Fourth of July that I've been working on.  The other is not quite finished, but all cut out.  So I'll post tomorrow with a WIP.

I had the Henry Glass fabric for the light inner border and the navy blue with stars on it in my stash, but had to run to the fabric store (oh darn) because the red I was going to use turned out to be too busy and there was already a lot going on with the words and stars ... and when the hubby says "you should buy a different red tomorrow" what's a girl to do, I ask?? Go to the fabric store, of course!  I just bought a half yard of a red I had used in the stars so, it looks good. The light fabric of the inner border has the Pledge of Allegiance written in blue ink on a cream background.

I'm really happy with this one!