Thursday, May 3, 2012

Facebook Challenge

In January 2011, there was a thing going on around Facebook.  Essentially, the offer was the first three people to respond to the post would receive something handmade from the poster within three months to a year.  I responded to three "friends" and had three people respond to me. As it turns out (as I write this more than 17 months later) only one of my friends has fulfilled this promise and while I have had it on my "to-do" list for those 17 months, between my then job, the flooding, the moving starting school, etc I have not been able to fulfill my promise... yet.

One of those people who responded to me stated that they would love something handmade, but that they wouldn't/couldn't make the same promise.  They wanted some potholders if possible and their favorite color was orange.  I've had the fabric for nearly the whole time and was finally able to finish the project over this year's Spring Break.  I sent the package earlier this week and it should arrive today or tomorrow at the latest so I feel comfortable revealing the project here.

I used the same block, but reversed the layout to make two similar, but different potholders.    If I had thought about it better, I would have included more of a seam allowance.  After I added the batting and the Insul-Bright, the seam allowance kind of disappeared.

I think they turned out nice and bright and cheery!

Add a couple business cards and they're ready to be mailed.

Stay tuned for more projects completing the challenge.  It was hard for me to decide on projects since I'm not really sure what the crafty taste of these FB friends are, but I think I have decided on what to do for the remaining friends and my last final project is due tomorrow (Friday).  That means all my time will be devoted to sewing and gardening.  I can't wait!!


  1. Beautiful potholders! That's a great orange. And enjoy having some free time!