Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Change of plans

The original plan was to complete the quilt I began in the twelfth grade.  So, I opened the box and found:

OK, this is what I thought it was.  I can do this.  However, the next things out of the box were:

Um... OK. Precut...some already sewn together.  Now keep in mind that this had to have occurred about 20 years ago which means that it was before rotary cutters and acrylic rulers which also means that nothing is exactly square and/or the same size. Instead of dealing with it right then, I moved on to another project which I should be able to show you in a few days.  I have ideas on how to adjust/fix the 12th grade project, but not willing to tackle it just yet.

The other adjustment I had to make was we adopted this cutie two Mondays ago and for the first ten days, I was alone with her.  M is four months old and we think a German Shepherd/Boxer mix.  She doesn't like to be alone, is still learning to be house-broken, and developing a relationship with our geriatric cats (10 and 11 years old) so spending time in the sewing room has been a bit of a challenge.  But isn't she adorable??


  1. She is pretty sweet. And I don't remember that quilt at all! How long ago was THAT. Gee whiz!