Thursday, May 10, 2012


Last year, the hubs bought me the Electric Quilt 7 software program for my birthday.  I'd seen the EQ7 advertised in various quilting magazines, but I had no idea he had seen it anywhere.  It's been a little frustrating because I have not been able to play with the program at all since receiving it in November.  When school is in session, I do not have much time for anything else. 

Today, I have a haircut appointment in the morning.  It is tradition for me to then go to the local quilt shop since it is on the same side of town.  So, I stopped by the shop and asked about classes hoping that there'd be something I could take over the summer.  It turns out they are not planning anything until fall.  UGH.  How disappointing.  So, feeling a little frustrated, I came home and sat down to learn my EQ7 program. 

I really like this program! I have some fabric that I have had since the 12th grade.  The fabric no longer fits my style and I have since lost the pattern, but I remember that it was comprised of two repeated blocks: a nine-patch and a diamond in the square.  I played with the software to recreate the pattern.  Last year, I bought several yards of a fabric for borders that was similar in coloring to the blue calico I have for the squares.  So, I know I want a 4" border.  I also still have the queen-sized flannel sheet I bought for the backing as well.

So, using the program, I first created this version:

This was how I remember the blocks (I have two practice blocks packed away in the same box as the fabric, but not overly handy).  But after seeing all of them together, I don't think it's right.  So, I played a little more with the colors.  This is version B:

I think this might be right, but I'm not positive.  So version C:

Hmmm... a little too much white.  Let's see if I reversed the colors on the diamond in the square block... Version D:

That's not bad either. What do you all think?  I have a favorite and so does Dr. J.  What version would you choose?

This is going to be the first project I start next week.  This week I'm trying to complete a baby blanket.  More on that later.


  1. It's amazing how different they all are! But I think I like the first one best.

  2. A or B, I can't decide. This is pretty nifty! Also, did I ever tell you we have bags of fabric in storage from the Norwood house and before? B/c we do. You should raid the stash sometime. Hooray for summer break!

  3. I liked version B until I saw version D. Can't wait to see the fabrics you pick.