Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learning to Knit...

Two weeks ago, my friend and fellow faculty wife (Sara) and I took a beginner's knitting class.  Sara' grandmother passed away last year and Sara had inherited a lot of knitting needles and a couple bags of yarn.  She thought it would be fun to take a class to learn to knit.  When she contacted me, we were both on break still (she teaches 8th grade science) and I could certainly fit it in.  It turns out Michael's has classes!

We signed up for a Saturday afternoon class and we were the only two there.  It took some time to adjust to the process, but we were making major progress by the end.  Here's Sara working on her project (a pair of fingerless mittens).

She finished the one that night.

This is how far I got during class.  I'm making a scarf to start with.  I love the color of this yarn and it's super soft and cushy!

A couple nights later I was having difficulty sleeping so I got up for some tea and worked on my scarf a little more. 

School has definitely taken up a lot of my time (even now I should be working on school work instead of finishing this blogpost).  So, I haven't done much with it in a couple weeks.  To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about knitting yet.  I like the concept, but it's very awkward for a long time crocheter to make the change to knitting.  I have a bag of this gorgeous plum yarn that I bought specifically for a sweater many years ago (at least 15 years).  I had hoped my mom would do it, but given that it took her 25 years to complete a quilt for me and more than a year to complete a scarf for Dr BB, my expectations are low.  Given that, I would like to learn at least a basic cardigan pattern so I can make the sweater I've always wanted, but I hesitate to make any claims beyond that.  

As always, I will keep you posted. (No pun intended.)

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