Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Who could resist posting on Leap Day?  Apparently, not me.  After a day and a half of rain, this happened early this morning. ICK!

I'm not looking forward to my drive and I would much rather be working on my newest project, but it could be worse... far worse!  I just wish the 40 mph winds would die down.

I've been reading in blogland that a few people took today to work on projects and I'm a little jealous of their ability to do so.  Being midterm, I have obligations that are weighing on me and prevent me from slacking in school work in order to play with hobby "work." Speaking of which, I'm holding steady at taking a little time each day to work on a fun project. YEAH!

Happy Leap Day everyone!!  Make the most of it.

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