Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Projects

I did work on a couple Christmas projects this year.  I made these coasters for a friend who I thought would enjoy the kind of French Country house feel to the fabric, but it didn't seem to go over well.  Lesson learned.  If anyone is interested in this using this fabric or receiving a project form this fabric, let me know.

But the big project was this wall quilt for Dr BB's office.  I worked hard to design the college's logo in quilt form.  The center portion of the M was the hardest part to get right.  Here's a sketch and some squares I used to visualize the appropriate sizing.

The school's colors.

Surprisingly, cutting and putting these squares together wasn't as hard as my brain wanted me to think it was.  

I've got it all pinned together to do the quilting here.  Dr BB liked the white of the batting so much he (not so subtly) suggested another border of white would be particularly nice.  So, after I quilted the flimsy, batting and backing together, I put a narrow, white border around to make the man happy.

I hate to say it, but he was right.  The white border with the burgundy binding does make the quilt pop!  Here's the finished product:

Now he just needs to hang the quilt rack (which is currently laying in our entry with the starter kit and seed catalogs) so he can put the quilt in his office!

And that's a couple completed projects! Yeah me!