Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Tea Cozy

I've been away for far too long!  Last semester ended in a rush, then Christmas left as suddenly as it appeared and I was back in the classroom again. Holy moly... boy, did that go by quickly!  

Anyway, I promised pictures of the tea cozy I gave my middle sister for her birthday.  It took her forever to get to my parents, but she finally did and now I can show the gift! 

Nina had chosen this fabric collection so long ago, she'd forgotten about it.

I was cutting the insulated interior out with a little help.

I quilted around the center square and continued to spiral around beginning at 1/4" and moving outward.

I bound the edge with the same fabric I used to enlarge the panels.

And that was that.


  1. So pretty! I love your tea cozies.

  2. vERRRRRY pretty! I hope I get one to go on my brown betty....

  3. Thanks, everyone! Mary, did you see my list of projects for 2012?

    1. All I need is my own place and a teapot so I can bust that baby out! As soon as that happens, you are all invited to a tea party at my place!