Friday, January 4, 2013

Updating the Sweat Shop

The hubs bought me a quilting frame that I can use with my day-to-day machine, but will give me the flexibility of a big, long-arm machine for Christmas.  I'm very excited about it, but the layout of the sweat shop was not very conducive to using this new, fun tool.  The hubs wanted to get me a new long table, so yesterday we went looking.  Something you should know about me is I hate thrift stores and garage sales. I just don't really want to sort through other people's crap, but I also knew it'd be the best place to look for a good wood table.

We went to two thrift shops and one Goodwill place without any luck. We talked about it and I wanted to check the local Habitat for Humanity's ReStore before heading home.  If we didn't find anything there, we would go home and regroup (do research and find more stores). We stopped and they had three tables that were just about perfect, but I wasn't sure they'd fit in the tiny room.  So we agreed to run home and take some measurements (Why didn't we do that before we left?), sadly, by the time we got back, one of the tables had been sold. So we snapped up the remaining two. 

After getting them home, I tried rearranging the furniture, but was getting frustrated because stuff was not working right. So, I left for the night and brought my graphing paper and measurements with me. I sketched it out and figured out what would work in the 9x11 room.  The drawing on the left is what was in the room and the right is how it is now. My sewing U is facing the double window.

These are from the door.

The tables we bought (for $25 total!) are from a hotel renovation (we think).  They each have a single drawer and a space for plugs - although, only one still has the plug, but that suits my layout perfectly!

Because it means I am FINALLY able to unpack this beaut!

I am so happy to have two cutting spaces, a new place for my serger, and plenty of room for my new quilting frame.


  1. Holy cats! Now that's a professional quilting room!

    1. I know, right?! You should see it now. We bought a 4'x6' carpet for under the rolling chair and tables at Wally World for $20. Maddie LOVES it b/c she can lay on the carpet behind my carpet and not get rolled over. :)