Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Packaging is everything

To me, quilting is about aesthetics. Part of that aesthetics is in packaging. I know others have written about it, but I feel that this is important enough to reiterate the point.  I'm currently participating in two fabric clubs - one for civil war/reproduction fabrics and the other for batiks. They are supplied by different companies, but both are well-known among the quilting community (which is part of the reason why I have obscured their logos). So here are the packages that arrived for January's deliveries.

Reproduction Delivery
Batik Delivery

As you can see, their approaches to delivery are very different.  While the batiks were packaged in such a way that you could see a bit of each of the fabrics included, the repros were stacked and folded which made it difficult to determine any of the fabrics except the top. You can see the fabrics include in the repro package below.

They are so pretty, why wouldn't you want to show them?  You would think that a company whose sole purpose is to sell fabric, kits, and tools to make quilts would have a better concept of the benefits of aesthetics. I just don't get some companies. Opening a package that is also beautiful is a special treat, but by the same token, opening a package that looks thrown together is a disappointment.

That is all. Just saying my peace/piece.

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