Saturday, October 27, 2012

Entry Curtain

The entry has a smaller window next to the door that my in-laws have agreed to make a stained glass for, but for now I wanted something that would allow the light in without losing the privacy. I had some fabric from the bathroom curtain left over, but not quite enough to cover the whole window which meant I had to find a solution if I wanted to use it.  So I ran to  the local Hobby Lobby to look at their upholstery fabric. The first one I considered is this one: 

I like it, but it is rather formal.  So, I kept looking and found this:

I LOVE this fabric! Our entry walls are the same color as the darker grey medallion.  My intention was to make a curtain of just these fabrics, but then I thought that I liked the silk as well and it would be appropriate for the holiday season.  So then I thought about making two tops and attaching the gauze-like fabric with Velcro.  

I started to plan these curtains, but as I took before pictures I realized just how close the window is to our wall quilt.

This poses a bit of a problem because I do not want the curtain to clash with whatever wall quilt we have up. So, back to the drawing board.  I had some black canvas fabric left over after making some potholders for a friend.  So, I decided that simplicity was best in this case and made this curtain:

I like it. :o)


  1. The curtain looks very nice, but I love the green and grey fabric! I guess you'll just have to think of something to make with that! :-)

    1. Thanks, Clover. I bought some additional fabric (tiny green, black and grey dots on a white background) that clearly belongs to these two. I'm thinking maybe a throw pillow or a couple pillow cases.