Sunday, August 1, 2010

While I Was Away...

While the move itself only took a few days, the preparations took months.  We had to pack everything in preparation for the moving company, but that included several big trash bags of shredding, four pick-up trucks of Goodwill donations, a pick-up truck of book donations, etc.  The nearly 1,000 mile drive was long, but relatively uneventful, and I had a job interview the next morning.  I got the job and started the next week.

It seems like the last four weeks have been a blur of activity, from finding a new bank, to organizing the garage, to finding a new church.  But I have been busy...

This last set needs to be finished (there are no ties on the sweater, and the edging hasn't been done on the bonnet.

Now that we're becoming a bit more settled, look for more projects!

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