Saturday, October 23, 2010

So many secrets this time of year...

This time of year is particularly difficult for blog posts.  But luckily, I have lots of "help" in the sewing room!  This snuggle bug doesn't understand why I'm not constantly petting him instead of working with that silly fabric!  I can't even take pictures without him getting in the way.   I do love him, though!
What a poser. ;o)
Virtually everything I'm working on can't really be revealed at this point because they're all Christmas presents!  So, I'll be a little creative in order to post SOMEthing.

This is something I am marking for some reason.

These are some fabrics I really like.

This is also marked for some reason...

I wonder what's going on here.

Not to worry.  I am taking lots of photos of the process and will post after the holidays the final products.   Needless to say, I've met some challenges.  But I am enjoying myself.  That's all that matters... right?

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